Forum Title: Another years gone by already?
This could be a cut and pasted thread that comes out every year around this time?.. usually an Easter thread?or a daylight savings thread?..and it like this? where has everybody gone? I know that internet forum discussions are one of the worst addictions to have. Your unproductive?reading a bunch of bull, watching two guys bash each other just for the sake of arguing? work anyways?If they were on a job, they?d be squawking there?..this is a coffee shop?..It's the blue collar workers hang out. Styrofoam cups only?.Don't be getting karnak on the fine china? light hours are busiest for the coffee drinkers??after dark?.the suits come in?.stir up the crowd, and disappear?. I like reading about/ seeing other guys work pictures, makes me wax philosophically about the old days?before instamatic cameras, throw away disposable, internet and the world wide web. When you had to remember the view from where you sat?.difficult to describe just how serene it can be up there in the trees , spending a day or twenty restoring another mans expired products and services?.It's not bashing to have to go up on a job doner 50 years ago, and re-do some copper valleys and reglets that have deteriorated. It's part of the job?.no pointing and name calling about fault?..your working on the best there was, at the time also in-expensive. maybe not now? finding alternatives is what this forums about?..or why some alternatives failed?.things that your grandfather did are now part of your legacy. I assure you?if I climb up 15 sections of pipe staging, with a gallon of Karnak and a roll of membrane to temporarily stop a serious leak in a structure? can call me what you want, and criticize what I did, from behind your desk, sitting there with a double expresso latte cappaciano grande decaf??..but for that hour or two?when it was needed?I was roofing again?. maybe not installing my ? roof du jour??.system, but doing service?. Day time conversations about what to do, how to do it, and what you did once, to accomplish something are everyday conversation amongst roofers?..How dare you business roofers stop in here and be critical of What'some mechanic might have done ?.especI'lly when it was 50 MPH winds?.horrential downpours, and angry property owners demanding service. Try to remember when you were a roofer?trying to help someone out?in a pinch?.and show the guys holding styrofoam cups a little respect.
Category: Roofing Post By: VALERIE BURTON (Gary, IN), 03/10/2018

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