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Have any of you ever had a re-inspection where they sent out the same adjuster as first time? I have a claim I am working now and it has obvious signs from hail. The initial adjustment called for complete replacement of 1 ? 27 Sq. house, complete replacement of 1/2 (1 of 2 slopes) of another 27 Sq. house, replacement of 2 Sq. on a 28 Square garage, Replacement of 1 Square on a 2 Square shed, and 2 shingles and 2 vents on the other shed. The house the adjuster allowed for the back only. I showed him damage on the front and he said it wasn?t serious enough?.it looked just like the back. I counted 10-12 hits in a 10 x 10 and he said he only needed 6, but these hits he couldn't feel on the underside of shingle so he denied them. The garage is protected heavily by trees. But on the one unprotected end both sides got hits?.like 15 per 10 x 10?.he only'allowed to replace 1 Square on each side. They are them nasty red/pink 3-tabs. I told him I found the damage on each plane and I felt the entire roof should be replaced and he said nope?if only a part of a plane has damage we can repair that area only. This guy had his mind made up before he showed up. The homeowner and myself refused to sign off with him?time will tell. Just surprised they sent same adjuster for re-inspection. What options are left for homeowner? Does It'seem wrong that the insurance company sent same adjuster to save $$?
Category: Roofing Post By: CARLA LEONARD (Fargo, ND), 03/06/2018

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