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I posted about a month ago of the several three job offers I had. One I declined becasue they no longer wanted a Quality Contol Manager. The seconded wanted to send me out of state and I was not financI'lly ready. The third changed his mind after offering to start me after the first of the year. Currently, I have no offers for the forseable futrure, I did work Jan 6th for one of my contacts, his laborers walked of the job while it was sprinkling. We got together to help right the ship. I had an accident though, past out on the roof near the gutter and fell off (9 ft off a 4/12 mobile). Doctors belive I overworked my body, is why I passed out. Result?. 8 broken ribs broken collar bone Crack on the shoulder blade partI'lly collasped lung?..all on the right side of my body and a broken left leg with some ligiment damaged This all happened on the books, so I am fortunate to have all medical from L & I covering my injuries. I am sitting here in the middle of the night, my fist day home?cant sleep or lay down?too painful. Docs say it will be a 3 month rehab unless they find more issues with my leg.
Category: Roofing Post By: BARRY MONTGOMERY (Cedar Park, TX), 02/13/2018

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