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Hello everyone, I'm working on modifying or improving a tool or task for roofers. I'm trying to find out what could be improved so my question to all of you is what part of the job do you feel can be improved. I've talked to my uncle who says using the nail gun puts strain on the wrist, he mentioned knee pain and back pain are an issue. If there is anything else or if anyone can elaborate on some issues that would be great. I hope to come up with something to alleviate some of the stresses of the job. thank you all for your help
Category: Roofing Post By: COLLEEN NEAL (Marietta, GA), 02/17/2018

I am not a roofer but help run a roofing business with my husband.I can tell you first hand that one of the biggest complaints from out workers is pain. Be it back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain. They almost all have experienced pain. This is down to working a lot (on-season for roofers), not using the proper tools, not taking the proper precautions and safety, and general wear and tear of the body from not being in a healthy state. Out bodies are designed to move but there are aspects of being a roofer where sometimes pain is unavoidable.

- BARBARA ROWN (Kennewick, WA), 03/05/2018

Thank you for your reply, have you had any complaints on some specific tools or maybe things requested by your employees to make the work easier/safer?

- CONSTANCE HALE (Tulare, CA), 03/23/2018

Hello, you know that in every cases peoples innovate new things and develop the things which they liked to use by using modern technology. I am giving you an example if you get back to the last 4 years the referee didn't identify the goal accurately and the television broadcast didn't show the full ground properly but now you know that drone has come and using this technique they can easily track every position and the goal accuracy. So that is called modern technology application. So I want that if someone innovate something new for the roofersthen it will be very good for the roofersand they can easily do their job without hesitation,pain etc.

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Grand Rapids, MI), 05/03/2018

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