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Have a new house roof to do, torchon membrane, supposed to start today, but early last week the owner called to say didn't look like it would be ready till the 14th. Thats OK, I got other small stuff to do can adjust onto easily. ? Then got an e-mail this morning, ?job will be delayed till 21st, technical difficulties? :blink: Got me thinking about how customers ( especI'lly builders of new construction) expect you to be there when they want you, and really start screaming if you delay getting there because you are elsewhere working, but when they F/U you are supposed to just roll over. :angry: What if I had no other work to go on with? what if I had 3 guys on the payroll? what if I had re-scheduled other jobs to fit the 7th, then the 14th starts in? Actually I did re-schedule one job doing roof top carpark repairs, but its my own project and I am in charge of scheduling, can only do it Mondays and Tuesdays. :silly: The upside is that for the next two weeks I can do what jobs I want when I want to do them, the weather is forecast frosty mornings with fine days, no rain for 5 days at least. :cheer: I always try and keep a months worth of work ahead of me at all times, I Don't know how I would be able to handle not having any work to do the next Monday (on a Friday). Never had it happen in 14 years ???.yet.
Category: Roofing Post By: PAULA JENKINS (Pawtucket, RI), 03/04/2018

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