Forum Title: What age is too old to start roofing?
I am 32 myself. Just started roofing about 6 weeks ago. A lot of the dudes with us are my age or older with 10+ years experience. I am curious to see if there is a said age where it is too old to start becoming a roofer.
Category: Roofing Post By: EARL BUTLER (Fremont, CA), 01/26/2018

I suppose it depends on how well a person has taken care of themselves. I‚d say probably late 50‚s to early 60‚s would be a bad entry point. But, there are guys in their 40‚s in bad health. It all depends on how hard of a life you‚ve lived.

- JOHN G (Dallas, TX), 03/03/2018

There is no one size fits all age to start roofing. I‚d say you‚re at a good age to start. Young enough to still be able to work hard and earn an honest paycheck. This job takes it‚s toll on you. I can say that after a few decades of sitting in my truck while napping.

- KENT HARMON (Davie, FL), 03/25/2018

It depends on your own health and lifestyle. If you take care of yourself, I see nothing wrong with starting in your 30's and 40's... But 50's+ is pushing it.

- CODY FLETCHER (Asheville, NC), 04/16/2018

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